Dr Dre New Single “Under Pressure” Feat Jay-Z

The Detox Album is coming! If you don’t know now you know…
On April 4th. pre-Opening day of the Boston Red Sox Game Dre Dre and Jimmy Iovine dropped a major hint giving us a hint of whats to come.
During an interview with New England Sports Network, When asked whats a Dr Dre “at-bat” song, music exec Jimmy Iovine named “Under Pressure featuring Dr Dre and Jay Z.”  Dr Dre concurred “Absolutely, that would be it. ‘Under Pressure’—it’s so fitting.” So there you have it folks expect the music industry frenzy when the single drops, No official release date yet but they are building on the hype. In addition to Jay-Z, Dr is rumored to have collaborated with Nas, Eminem, Lil Wayne and T.I. for the Detox Album.

Yo Answer me this. The the F&CK is Dre doing in Boston Promoting Custom Branded Beats by Dre headphones. What the hell! What’s Up with LA Homey?? What’s with some Dodgers or Angels Headphones first, Rep the West first homeboy. Who the F%ck thought of that Cross Promo FUMBLED on that one. I’m Kinda Salty. What you think?

Image Via: Couch Sessions