Coolio Avoids $10,000 Bench Warrant Arrest

Coolio fans can sleep in peace tonight. Coolio is no longer a wanted man. On Monday a $10,000 bench warrant was issued by the LA county Sheriffs for Coolio’s arrest after he didn’t show up to court in for a progress report hearing. Coolio has been on probation since pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance last year.

But don’t trip Leon Ivey, Jr AKA Coolio finally showed up to court yesterday for his progress report hearing, — which made the $10,000 Arrest warrant issued on Monday no longer active.

During his court appearance Coolio proved he’s in compliance with his probation and is enrolled in drug rehab. …Can Somebody say Dr? No not Dr Dre, Doctor Drew Celebrity Rehab. Now That’s a Perfect match!