The real reason Suge Knight got knocked out.

Well, the real reason Suge got knocked the f%$ck out is simple, anybody can be touched. No matter who you are you can get chin checked. I don’t care who you are, supa dupa gangsta, police officer, the president, the pope; you can get got. Suge got a little too comfortable on his rep. The reality is there’s always some dudes out there who don’t give a f%ck about your reputation, who you are, or who you know; they just go for what they know. Not to take away from Suge’s gangsta but, to a little game to remember from my spiritual adviser and life coach, Mr. Sugar Free; “If you stay ready , You ain’t got to get ready.”

Now what happens next? Well, now this dud needs to get the F*&Ck out of dodge. As we all know Mr. Knight is not a kind and understanding guy, he is far from the logical stable type. Plus now Suge is hella embarrassed. The pictures of the “Aftermath” of the beat down are everywhere. The people at TMZ need to be scared, Sh%t, I’m scared for even posting this post. Suge needs to get his street cred back up fast or else next the Jonas brothers might try and punk him for the Death Row publishing. Now the dude that’s famous for knocking Suge Knight out has to worry about catching a stray bullet much less a beat down. Black on Black crime is SUPAWACK
Pictures Via: TMZ.Com