Mitchy Slick: Talks About Triggeration Station Classic.

San Diego rapper Mitchy Slick chopped up game with Unique Access Entertainment and breaks down his hood classic album “Trigeration Station.” He talks about working with Sir Jinx and living with him, learning the game in a real way. He explains how his “Triggeration Station” album changed the climate of the San Diego rap game. He gives credit to the San Diego rappers and hoods the who came together to make “Triggeration Station a Classic; shouting out Southeast San Diego legends like Cricket, Damu, Ecay Uno, Mollie & Vay Bo. He talks about the Southern California gang culture and his regrets and inspiration for the classic track “Young Homie.” Mitchy Slick makes it clear,  he ain’t no dummy, that’s all about gang banging; he went to college and has done records with Gladys knight. This could be one of Mitchy Slicks me insightful interviews.