More Trapflix Rumors “JT Was Skimming Money Off Top”

jt-snoop-dameRumors are that Snoop Dogg discovered JT the Bigga Figga was “skimming money” and plottin’ a silent takeover of TrapFlix company. It is still unclear who came up with the concept and who actually owns Trapflix. But on the financial perspective Trapflix claims to have over 40,000 subscribers at a $49.99 membership fee; plus $500 to $1000 admin distribution packages available.

A anonymous Dogg Pound insider stated “Everything was copacetic since Snoop allowed JT to act like he was the president of TrapFlix … But when JT found out Snoop registered TrapFlix in his name, he started bad mouthin’ Snoop.”

The biggest problem came when,… Sources say JT was “skimming money” off the top of Trap Flix funds. That’s when  Snoop had put JT in check, breaking all ties with JT and his company.

An anonymous Dogg Pound insider stated “JT been beating n*ggas for years, but his shady dealings are finally laid to rest. He got chased out of Oakland and he moved to Atlanta to open up his Shadyville Enterprise. Man, you gotta see JT! He’s acting like a lil b*tch because Snoop put him in his place and showed him that he’s the bigger figga.