Death Grip…You’ve Been Warned Listen at Your Own Risk.

Here a little something for the hardcore West Coast punk fans out there waiting for some shit to Mob to.  I introduce to you Death Grip!  Be careful this shit can have you tripping like you were on shrooms, ex, and a sherm stick.

Death Grip hails from Cali state capital Sac-Town(Sacramento).  They are a aggressive Punk, Thrash, industrial, Hip-hop, electro Mash up. The group consist of  MC Ride, Drummer Zach Hill (Hella, Wavves) and Mexican Girl.

Death Grip is real serious and not for the soft hearted. Just imagine Anthrax + Bad Brains + Brotha Lynch Hung + Black Flag,  + Public Enemy + The Sex Pistols all on Acid.
If you can handle that then you might be able to handle the Death Grip Exmilitary mixtape Below. MORE INFO ON THEIR WEBSITE
Death Grips – Exmilitary by deathgrips