Annual Karl Watson Day! In “The Town”

October 3rd was a special day in “The Town (Oakland),” October 3rd.  was the first annual Karl Watson Day. There is no cooler dude in the skate game than the homeboy Karl Watson. Karl is just a good dude, always upbeat and positive.  He’s a great role model for the kids and just people in general.   Basically if someone’s a hater and don’t like Karl, then I gotta look at them crazy and think what’s wrong with them?  You can’t hate!  This dude has worked hard to achieve what he has in the skate game and is an inspiration for any kid trying to make it big.  Even on a day to honor him for his achievements and kind heart, he’s still giving back by presenting a big check to individuals who are showing a commitment in improving themselves and the skate community in Oakland.  I love OakTown the people the are so community connected, a lot of culture and positive vibes and Karl Watson is a product of his environment.  October 3rd Karl Watson Day in “The Town!”