Dr Dre X Jay-Z “Under Pressure” Track Is Kinda Wack!

If you don’t know, Now You know N%gga! There is crazy buzz going around about the track “under pressure” that was mysteriously leaked a couple days ago and is now all over the internet worldwide. I listened to it a couple of times and I have to say, “I was not impressed.” Don’t get me wrong and start sending me Hater mail,  I love Jigga man,  he get much run in my tape deck.  That’s right I said “Tape Deck” (remember them?) I’m old school like Velvet Golf hats and Perms.   Any way I was not impressed mostly with the verses, both Jay and Dre’s lyrics and delivery did nothing for me.

Here is what Dre had to say about the Leak.
“I want to set the record straight for everybody who’s been waiting to hear my music. The song that’s on the internet is an incomplete song that I’m still working on. When it’s ready, you’ll be hearing it from me.”

Big ups to Dr. Dre’s digital damage control team because they took that Shit off faster than a stripper in a room full of NBA players.  So if you can still find it on the net anywhere, take a listen and tell Westcoastunderground.com What You Think.

Dowload:  Dr Dre X Jay-Z Under Pressure Here.