FUSE TV “2Pace Takeover” All Day April 12

Today FUSE TV  is West Coasting! Today April 12th. It’s 2pac all day! That’s right FUSE is turning into Tupac TV,  beginning at 11AM/10C. FUSE TV will feature a myriad of programming highlighting the life and music of West Coast legend Tupac Shakur. All day FUSE TV will examine the life and music of rap legend Tupac, as well as a feature presentation of the classic cultural film “Juice.” Included in the Tupac Takeover will be the “The 2Pac Chronicles” and “Loaded: 2Pac,” both highlighting Tupac’s classic music video releases and exposing the riveting back story to each.

The FUSE TV 2Pac takeover has something for the most hard core 2Pac fans featuring,never-before-seen interviews including an exclusive insight from his former manager, rare footage and on-screen commentaries by biographer Michael Eric Dyson. Also included will be the cutting documentary “Tupac Shakur: Before I Wake,” an intensive documentary that highlights and chronicles the last year of Tupac’s life.

Check Your FUSE Channel in Your area.