American Apparel Best Bottom Winners-West Coasting!

It’s official! Cuetie (: from Costa Mesa and Maria Reppin Austin are the Winners of the American Apparel “Best Bottom” Contest. You for reall I felt like a Perv looking at the pictures. But I felt it was my duty evaluate and scrutinize the pictures submitted to make sure the West Coast was being will represented. And man was it. Check out some if the pictures submitted, all I could think was damm somebody is getting to smack it up, flip it and rub it down…BBD!
The Crazy thing is they are a gang of submissions that could have won. It’s like every woman on the world with a nice ass sent in a picture. And Of course I guess some you broke looking flat booty bitches didn’t understand what the contest was all about.  But over all this contest was full of good quality BOOTY.
Get your years worth of  “Pervin” on right here.