Ras Kass legal battle is over – "Free at last! Free at last!"

What is good people!

Ras Kass legal battle is finally over. I just got off the phone with the homie and he told me the news. He can now finally legally spit tha shit that twist yo caps back – KLAK KLAK! YEAH DAT! He just jumping on a slingshot to ATL to get his down south spit game tight for a week. Then he bumps his way to NYC to murder a few beats by the homie Domingo – KLAK KLAK! The Official Hip Hop Library doing what we do placing hits wit sick rhyme spitters.

Relationships Are Equity so I look out for the peep’s I’m down with. I just put one of Ras Kass joints on the Official Sampler for the MixshowPower Summit being created by Apple.

Check the homies links:
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